Maryborough Veterinary Practice provides services for dog breeding, from the start of pregnancy, through to management of breeding dogs at the end of breeding.  Services we offer to breeders include:

  • External blood testing for determining the timing of breeding
  • Breeding soundness certifications
  • Artificial insemination with fresh semen – this is best performed by having a well-trained male dog and the female dog both at the clinic at the same time, to collect and deposit the semen.
  • Pregnancy diagnosis by ultrasound and radiography- ultrasound early in the pregnancy, usually at 4 weeks, determines if your bitch is pregnant and also the number of pups (note that with large litters this is an estimation). Radiographs in the last 2 weeks of pregnancy can help determine a more accurate count of foetuses.
  • Caesareans for difficult whelpings
  • Post – whelping checks and newborn care advice
  • Sterilisation of dogs no longer being bred from
  • Litter vaccinations and Microchipping
  • Hip and Elbow scoring.

For all enquiries call (03) 5461 4466