Up to three quarters of all pets over age 3 experience some type of dental or gum disease. This makes it one of the most common problems we treat pets for.

Regular dental check-ups are as important for your pets as they are for people. If pets experience dental problems, like a toothache or dental disease it often doesn’t get noticed as our four-legged friends often don’t show us they are in pain. If you notice tartar (yellow looking build-up on teeth) or your pet’s breath being smelly, it’s important you contact us and arrange a dental examination.

A number of different things may be needed for your pet, including: a clean and polish, extraction of diseased teeth, or just a change to a different food to help keep your animal’s teeth clean.

Our clinic offers all routine and some advanced dentistry services, including dental x-ray. If your animal requires a more advanced treatment not offered at our clinic, referral will be made to a specialist.

For all enquiries call (03) 5461 4466